Monday, February 15, 2010

Ode To Insomnia

Oh insomnia, cruel beast,
when I expect you least,
There you are upon my head,
forcing me from my warm bed.

these grey hours I truely rue
no one to talk with, nothing to do
but drift in house quiet and chilly,
but drift about willy-nilly

and write silly rhymes upon my blog,
what do you expect, my heads a-fog!
I woke at two-thirty-three
Please don't demand good poetry

But wish me that I'll soon be sleeping
and sweet dreams I'll be dreaming
and will not wake again till dawn breaks through,
and paints the skies a a warm blue.

Goodnight sweet readers, and sleep well,
till wakened by the morning bell.
Goodnight sweet readers, and adieu
Goodnight, goodnight, to all of you.

1 comment:

Carolyn said...

Good early morning Rachel Ann,
It's still night time where I am.
So while your day will soon begin
With any luck, mine soon will end.
When I lay down my head tonight
I'll wish for you a day that's bright.
May all go well, and peace abound
Whate're be happening around.

So here's to friends whose hearts connect,
Those eyes have never seen you yet.
My hugs across the miles stretch
While hoping that your day is blessed.