Friday, February 26, 2010

The Lines are Shorter At Home

Last night I had this dream....wait! Stop!!! Don't run off. I'm not really going to tell you all about the dream. I realize, as much as we like to talk about dreams, well no one else wants to listen.

I only want to talk about the last part of my dream. The few moments before you wake up...and don't we all have this:

bladder is full and so in the dream, regardless of what the dream was about, we begin the "search for the bathroom". If we find said bathroom it will be dirty, or the plumbing will be off or something will be wrong.

This morning, I ended up searching for a bathroom in an old, castle that had seen better days and had been converted into a school. Two sweet children ran ahead to show me the way, which of course was a long way off, and when I got there I was confronted with a line that stretched out of the bathroom and curved down and around...and bunch of young momies mostly, with strollers and kids. I stood behind a young, red headed, bride-to-be, "I am never going to make it. I am never going to make it."

At that point, a little voice in my dream head said "Wake up you idiot. There's no line to the bathroom at home..."

So I did. And my dream self/real self whatever, was right. There was no line to the bathroom at home.

And as I came back to snuggle into bed for a few more minutes of sleep, I thought...

How like a lot of "problems" we have in life. Many times we just need to "Wake up" and we'll see that the obstacles we've put in the path are not really there, but products of our mind. That doesn't mean that every problem is as easily solved as my morning one was. Problems are problems. They do take work, but they are rarely surmountable.

We just need to wake up and see what is already there for us to use, to help ourselves. Sometimes that means  asking for help, sometimes that means digging into ourselves for extra strength to get whatever it is we need done, sometimes that means we need to have the courage to accept whatever the situation is and learn to live with the problem itself. We just need to "wake up" and see the problem clearly, straight on, without are imagination making it worse.

Now about the see...HEY...oh  rats!!!!

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