Friday, February 12, 2010


I'm avoiding doing anything meaningful, and just playing about. I have no get up and go right now. Perhaps it left me with the chickens.

And I'm behind! I hate being behind and I find the behinder I get the less motivated I get. It just seems a battle that I don't want to wage?

Isn't that the way it is?

We see the mountain in front of us that we've built ourselves and stand their shaking our heads going; too big, can't climb it. And then more dirt gets thrown on and the mountain is even bigger.

Well at least that is what I do, don't know about anyone else.

With me it really does take a rhythm, a pattern I need to develop, and as long as I stay on track I am fine. But the moment I'm thrown I start looking up at the crest of  the mountain and I'm ready to camp where I am and let the mountain grow.

Okay...see talking helped, even if no one hears.

Off to make mincemeat out of that mountain.


Carolyn said...

Well hello my dear,

And yes, I know that feeling well. I myself had many things that I was going to do with these weeks that I have not been working during the day - clean out my closets, straighten out the messy cabinets, organize my storage space.... HaHaHaHa..... That's all I have to say about that. Oh well, truthfully I have been enjoying doing nothing for a bit. It's better than I thought it would be. So if I absolutely have to get something done, I do. Otherwise I figure there is always tomorrow... or next year.

I'm glad you started blogging. And you have chosen a wonderful name for your blog! I have found it to be a good outlet for me to do some writing - no matter what it may be. Although I still don't say half the things I really think. (I've used email for that)

So from here on the other side of the world, I have yet another way to get to know you - through your blog. Perhaps some day, by some miracle it will be a face to face meeting.


Rachel Ann said...

I would love that meet you in person...that would be beautiful.

no one ;) said...

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I am listening... Keep tweeting links, I'll try to check in when I can (I too have a mountain waiting to be tackled...)

Rachel Ann said...

Thank you for stopping by!!!