Monday, March 8, 2010

Oh! Woe ;Grumble,growl, (sigh)

Really, you all (the two people who are maybe reading this) can just ignore the body and stick with the headlines.

It has been that kind of a ...week? 2 weeks?

As many of you know my mom's lymphoma is back, and she is being treated, but there is a limit. Emotionally she sounds good...but I'm here, she's there, and it makes it so unreal. Thats the Oh! Woe. Really there isn't much I can do but pray and that's what I'm doing and thank you to the many of my friends who are praying for Masha Aaron bat Bluma Basya as well.

The grumble. Well a check to my dh from a client bounced. He'll make good on it, but till it comes were are in a rather precarious state; mortgage due and we owe others money. Argh!!! Luckily the others are friends and are willing to wait to deposit the check we gave them, but the mortgage? I don't think the bank will be so friendly. Oh, and we need a new fridge. DESPERATELY!!!!!

(Sigh) because everyone is on edge and snappy.

See? Really not worth reading. Nothing insightful or interesting. Just life, being life, tossing stuff at us.
So far we've managed to keep ducking and not getting hit, or at least not getting hit I wish, how |I pray that life stops using us as a target. I want to feel unpressured (is that a word? If not it should be!) for a bit!

Hey if you read, todah rabah...and if not...well exactly how do you know I'm asking you that question?


Risa said...

I read it. I wish there was something I could do to help. What is your mother's name, for prayers?

Rachel Ann said...

My Mom's name is (really) Masha Aaron bat Bluma Basya...she was named after her grandfather...long story...but that's her name and thank you for your prayers! They mean the most.

lar shaloms said...

yes i think prayer will work (now; a feeling she'll get worse) woops sorry speed praying