Friday, March 5, 2010

Making My Soul Happy

I did something the other day..I"m being deliberately vague here. It didn't cost me a lot of money or time or even effort. But it did make another person incredibly happy; at least that is the impression I got by the expression on the person's face.

And in doing so I made someone else happy; a deep happiness, a heart and soul happiness. I made me happy.

I walked away from the person I gifted feeling incredibly joyous, and that joy stayed with me for hours, despite not so pleasant, for me conditions.

I'm not a great human being. I make a great deal of mistakes, I get angry often, I take things to personally and respond poorly to what I consider an insult against myself. But even now, thinking of that moment makes me feel good, and valuable.

That ME of that moment is the person I want to try and be all my hours of all my days. That me is my goal for life.

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