Thursday, January 13, 2011

By Popular Demand!

Well not really...but here are the two poems I wanted to share. They are just silliness, but sometimes you got to be silly! Or, at least that is what my brain tells brain is a bit nuts though...

These are actually from a writing club that has been formed on a board I'm on.
Um, Right
(aka as crazy day at the office)

Wrote write right,
but it was the wrong right to write
I should have written right,
but I wrote write,
but at least I wrote write right, right?
Even though it was wrong right to write

(we were suppose to write a silly ode. This one is in the style, I hope, or Rustavelian Quartrain)

Could a red rose fresh on the bush ever think itself to compare, 
To my 100 percent cotton shirt,which I do now declare 
Made me fit for the canvas of the artiste'Jean-Babtiste Santerre 
But oh now, oh now,I'm in utter,complete,and total despair 

After years of service devoted,trustworthy and glorious 
preforming in times of duty, difficult and laborious 
whether I had lost the battle or emerging victorious 
my red shirt was always there for me faithful meritorious 

And then one day to my horror---oh the pain for I discovered 
a memory from which even still today I have not recovered 
for in my preparations for dress one day I had uncovered 
a tear, a dreadful tear, on the shirts back that could not be covered! 

My friends, my family, my beloved ones with seeming sympathy 
have assured me that I can prevail,and survive this tragedy 
(though I've this suspicion that for me there's not too much empathy) 
for this terrible, this tragic, this horrific catastrophe. 

(Hey, really liked this shirt.

BUT on a more serious note:

Who am I?

there's no ending
till the final ending.

How can I avow,
that this is THE me?
A minute from NOW
Another me will be!

Constructing,destructing,adding, amending
there's no ending
till the final ending.

So here's the answer
to what you're asking
There is no I here
only I becoming

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