Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Who Ya Gonna Please?

Warning, for anyone who reads. This isn't going to be a well thought out post. It is going to be a rant. I'm not going to try and make things nice and pretty...ok?

I'm tired, I'm sick and tired of Israel being criticized all the time. No matter what went down with the flotilla Israel would have been screwed. The media was waiting, with baited breath, for something to happen, and they didn't care what, the people in Gaza don't really matter to them. The INhumanitarians on the ship sure as heck didn't care what happens to the people of Gaza... shipping out of date medicine and equipment. The leaders of Gaza don't give a you know what, what happens to their people. THEY ARE THE ONES WHO GOT THE GAZANS INTO THIS MESS. The only one's who really care are the Israelis (who send aid, and give care in their hospitals to the Gazan population.)

So who of course gets the blame when their soldiers are attacked? ISRAEL.

The only one who cares.

So for me the thing is to stop caring what the world thinks about us. No matter what we do we get blamed. And then we try and defend ourselves from the blame.

Lets stop. We should go on giving basic care to the Gazans, and we should go on defending ourselves against physical attack. But why do we need to please the world? If the like our actions TOUGH.

Who should we please?



Chaya said...

good rant! I agree!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Chaya. My thoughts are with Israel.


sarah leah said...


Well, it has been simmering all day - since that quote about Mordechai not bowing down, you have been simmering.

But we always came through when we came from strength. When we started to bow, like in '73, our tzouris really started...

Tizki l'mitzvos!

Rachel Ann said...

yeah..this pots been on the boil and various other things hasn't helped...including just the heat around here! I'm going to finish din-din for the family and then cool off with a nice long bath.

Vickie said...

I think that the minute we pulled our own people out of their own homes in our own land, we lost the respect of not only the world (and right - who cares about what they think!), but of ourselves. Our government lost sight as to why we're here and why the Land is so important. As long as we grovel for the world's respect, we ain't never gonna respect ourselves. So how does that earn us the respect of our Creator?

dave said...

Its long passed the time when us Jews should stop caring about what the world thinks of us. Hamas doesn't even whant to reconcise Israel so Israel should stop feeding them and giving them energy let there so called muslim brother take care of them.